Ministry in a Post-denominational Age

33% of people in 2013 describe themselves as “spiritual, but not religious.”  A large number of these people share our UU values but aren’t coming into our doors.

So what can we do about it?  Lee asked us to think of ourselves as “first responders” and to reflect on a few questions:

  • What core theological principles would you be sure to bring as you seek to respond to the diverse needs of religious and non-religious seekers alike?
  • What are the specific instances when you have experienced community beyond face-to-face interactions? How might those experiences help you think imaginatively about using technology to build new forms of community?
  • List five of your greatest passions.  List five of your best talents.  What is the relationship between them?  As a first responder, what are the possibilities?
  • Given your reflections on theology, community, and your passions and talents, discuss your own religious communities and talk about the possibilities for ministering as a “first responder”

Those of you following along at home what do you think?


Greetings from Convocation 2015!  It’s way below freezing outside in Chicago, but the fire of our Chalice is lit as we hold our annual gathering.

We are actively engaging our community both here and online on #MLConvo15 and ask everyone to write what is close to their heart and in response to the following:

  • What both excites you and grounds you when you encounter change?
  • What do you fear losing?
  • What do you hope to gain?
  • How can you help move from a culture of critique to one of curiosity?

Let’s keep the conversation going!