Meet Kellie, 1st Year Seminarian


Kellie in a moment of meditation at a January Vespers service

I am a third generation single mother and a first generation college graduate. Both my grandmother and my mother raised their children by working fifty to seventy hours a week as waitresses. Although my mother sincerely told me that I could be the first woman president of the United States, my mother’s life taught me that I didn’t have much of a chance– that dreams were for other people– that fulfilling work was for other people. 


I believed that lesson until two years ago when I completed my undergraduate degree at the age of 41 and started pursuing my call to ministry. It was terrifying to believe that I could pursue my dream and still financially support myself and my young son. To be frank, it is still terrifying, but the Colchester Scholarship helps me have faith that I can do it. I am incredibly grateful!


One of my greatest hopes is to help our denomination remove the invisible walls of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, sizeism, and ageism, still present both inside and outside our church walls. I want to help build an even more diverse membership than we have today. I believe that needs-based scholarships help us deepen our diversity by creating a wider range of ministers. I hope that I will see the day when all aspiring ministers can attend seminary.


Once again, I am deeply grateful for my scholarship– I am deeply grateful to be able to pursue my call– I am deeply grateful to be able to follow my dream of service, justice, and love– I am deeply grateful to be able to show my son that he can follow his dreams one day too.