Scholarships Available – Apply Now!

This week of Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to thank our generous donors who make it possible for our students to attend Meadville Lombard in order to serve the world and Unitarian Universalism. If you or someone you know is considering a future in ministry, please be sure to share this link with them—and soon.  The deadline for early admission is March 1, 2014.


We give great thanks to the following individuals for offering these opportunities:

  • BradburdsThe Arnold and Julia Bradburd Scholarship for Ministerial Excellence:  The Bradburds established this full tuition scholarship to be awarded to a student showing potential for excellence in ministry. All completed admission applications are reviewed by the faculty and finalists will be presented to the President for selection in early March. Read more about how this award changed the life of Jason Cook, selected as the Bradburd Scholar in 2011.



  • The Nancy and Richard Bechtolt Scholarship: Nancy Bechtolt established this full tuition scholarship specifically to award a student pursuing parish ministry. All completed admission applications are reviewed by the faculty and finalists will be presented to the President for selection in early March.





  • wertheimThe Marion and Joe Wertheim Community Scholars:   The Wertheims established this scholarship program for three (3) students who will be selected to receive this award which pays tuition for the 3-unit Community Studies signature course. This is the equivalent of 1/3 off your first year of tuition. All completed admission applications are reviewed by the faculty and finalists will be presented to the President for selection in early March.


Additional Financial Assistance Available

We are grateful to the Bradburds, Mrs. Bechtolt and the Wertheims for their continued dedication to and support of our students and of excellence in Unitarian Universalist ministry. They, along with many other friends of the school, also help us to provide additional scholarship assistance to our students who apply by the March 1 deadline. Visit our website to read more about other financial assistance available.
If you have any questions about these scholarships or other financial aid awards, contact Tina Porter. If you have questions about the application process, please feel free to contact Justine Urbikas.

Still Time to Register for Spring Classes

Today is the last day of registration for classes at Meadville Lombard. Haven’t registered yet? We invite you to register today. Explore the Hebrew Bible with Professor Adam Stokes by signing up today!

The Bible is undoubtedly one of the most important books in Western literature.  It is also a source of inspiration and guidance for millions of the people of faith who believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  With that said, the Bible, like many other religious texts, often gets a bad rap.  It has been used by extremists of all kinds to support all types of oppression and bigotry.  One of the things I most enjoy about teaching the Hebrew Bible is showing students that many of the things they think are in the Bible, such as women being blamed for the fall of humanity, are actually not in there.  Rather, these views stem from later interpretations of the biblical text.

Now granted there is some pretty nasty stuff in the Bible which I also address in my class particularly in relation to the question of what we are to do with such material.  My hope is that Unitarian Universalist ministers may be able to view the Bible, not as one big document but a collection of documents some of which continue to have positive spiritual value for their congregations and communities.   In many ways, I find that in teaching at a Unitarian school and coming into contact with students from multiple religious traditions I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.  Ultimately my class on the Hebrew Bible is a dialogue in which I hope to shape my students’ ideas about the Bible as well as having my own views shaped by them.

Learn with Professor Lisa DiFranza

We invite you to register to one of our Spring Courses today! Click here to see a full list of our course offerings.

Learn with Professor Lisa DiFranza in Bringing Text Alive: A Reader’s Theatre Intensive:

Bringing Text Alive is a hands-on adventure into language and listening. Students will be immersed in nuts and bolts performance tools required to bring the written word to life, through imagination, voice, body, intellect and spirit – so that we can comprehend its meaning collectively. Multiple text genres will be explored, – plays, poems, biblical texts, short stories, etc. The performance skills and exercises, which are the anchor of the course, will help students to release restrictive habits, discover the range of their voices, experiment and improvise with the sound and rhythm of text, and examine the physicality and spirituality of speech. Not only will this course support authentic and expressive preaching, it will also examine the nature and value of performance in congregational life – through innovative approaches to text study, and new ways of thinking about collaborative performance in worship. The week culminates with a public reader’s theater performance!

I’m thrilled to teach BRINGING TEXT ALIVE at Meadville Lombard in March. The intensive format is ideal for this sort of immersive, collaborative, hands-on course. For me – it is unceasingly exciting to see what happens when the lives, experiences voices and bodies of students connect with words on a page. When students combine a deep listening to a text with the richness and authenticity of their own voices, even the most well worn texts can emerge with sparkly fresh vitality – into the world.  Also, collaborative creation is a large part of this course – and so the “whole” will inevitably become more than the sum of our parts – this ineffable and unpredictable aspect of the week is the “x factor.” BRINGING TEXT ALIVE is an collective adventure into the unknown!