M Eloise Adams remembers the Four Corners

James Luther Adams, faculty 1936-1956

There is no one on the blog from Meadville that I remember. I grew up in Channing House from 1936 to when JLA left to go to HDS in 1957.  Is there anyone left from the history  in the 30’s and 40’s?  Does anyone remember the days when students whistled at the Channing House youngsters on Woodlawn Ave.  I guess not.  I have 8 millimeter movies converted to VHS and then to DVD and now in my computer.  I guess my sister and I are the only ones left to remember when Thanksgiving Dinner was a big event we shared with the students living at Meadville House which was part of the “four corners”.  I am M. Eloise Adams, James Luther Adams’ oldest daughter.  My remaining sister Barbara shares my nostalgia for the days growing up on Woodlawn Avenue and grieve over the way the inside of Channing House was destroyed in some “renovation”.   Now the school goes to Michigan Avenue which even recent students I have met wonder how that could happen!

One thought on “M Eloise Adams remembers the Four Corners

  1. Ms. Adams: If you would like to share some of your videos, we would be interested in sharing them here on the blog. We understand that these four corners hold dear memories for many of us, including our current President, Rev. Lee Barker, who was a student of your father’s. He often (and fondly) recites how instrumental JLA teaching was in his own ministry.

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