Bearing Witness: J. Ronald Engel on Meadville Lombard and the Chicago Years

As part of the 2011 Commencement activities, on May 14, 2011, Dr. J. Ronald Engel, Professor Emeritus, gave the following address, “Bearing Witness: Meadville Lombard and the Chicago Years.” Meadville Lombard staff scanned photos from our archives and our Videographer, Ben Kolak, inserted some of these photos into the video. We are grateful to Mrs. Barbara Murry for her work in gathering and labeling these archived photos for us. This video is 1 hour and 5 minutes long.

The Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed Remembers …

… a life at the four corners of 57th and Woodlawn.

The following video was produced as a complement to the lecture given by Dr. J. Ronald Engel, Professor Emeritus at Meadville Lombard, during our 2011 Commencement weekend activities. The lecture, “Bearing Witness: Meadville Lombard and the Chicago Years,” will be posted to this blog in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Here are some of the still photos used in the video from our archive collection: